Do pets like Music

We always assume that our pets, especially our pet dogs, love all the things that we love. When it comes to food, going out, meeting some people and playing and making merry, our pet shares the same interests with their owner/keeper friend. But when it comes to their taste in music, human music is far from anything they like. If you are a hardcore metallica fan and play the music at home hoping your furry best friend will enjoy it along with you, then you are sadly mistaken. Dogs, in fact, regard human music as unlikeable and garish noise.

Our pets have a very varied vocal range and heart rate than that of humans and helps in determining the kind of music that they really enjoy. Anything that the humans enjoy categorically as music is nothing more than irritating grating noises to our beloved pets. When it comes to other pets like monkeys and cats, they are known to enjoy a specific kind of music that the scientists tried and play for them. For instance, cats responded well to sounds that were in the high pitch range like the chirping of the birds. Such sounds are not considered music per say by people but to a cat, it has a rather therapeutic effect, something that only music can guarantee. It’s worth checking out to see if your cat stops clawing your carpet.

Dogs on the other hand are very difficult to be composed for. It is very difficult to determine what kind of music or sounds would be regarded as music by them. However, some researchers have found substantial proof that dogs enjoy classical English music more than anything else. Pet owners have observed that though pet behaviour in relation to different musical genres are different, they have been known to be calmer when classical music is playing and are super agitated when they listen to heavy metal. Maybe they mirror their owner’s behavioural patterns or exhibit their own, that is a mystery in itself.

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