Smallest Cat Breeds – the Singapura and Teacup Persians

Domesticated cats come in an amazing number of breeds ranging from the largest, the Maine Coon weighing in at roughly 15 to 25 pounds to the smallest at well under 8. In this article we take a look at two of the smallest cat breeds and learn a little about them.

The Singapura Cat

The Singapura originated from Singapore and from the Burmese and Siamese cat, but was first recognised as a breed in 1982 in the US. Six years later the breed was imported into the UK and has continued to grow in popularity since then.

The Singapura is a fairly stocky, muscular cat, with almond shaped eyes and semi-pointed ears. The female weighs up to about 6 pounds in weight and the male slightly heavier at 7 pounds.

The breed is similar in nature to its distant cousin, the Siamese, and loves human company and attention. The Singapura will want to know everything that’s going on in its home and has an incredible amount of curiosity, which sometimes can be dangerous. This breed is an ideal companion to somebody who is home a lot as the cat craves company both from other cats and the humans that he ‘owns’. They are highly intelligent and like to occupy themselves playing which they continue into old age.

Although the Singapura has become a lot more popular over recent years, it can still be difficult finding them. The best place to find kittens is on the various pet web sites that have sprung up over recent years, but be prepared to have to travel a fair distance. Kittens generally fetch about £300/$475 from breeders, but as always there are a few things to look out for when buying:-

  • Has the cat been wormed?
  • Have all the inoculations been given to your new kitten?
  • Try to see the parents and see what kind of personality they have. This is often reflected in how your new kitten will behave
  • Has the kitten been litter-trained?

Teacup Persians

Teacup Persians are surrounded by controversy as to whether they are actually a breed, and whether it’s actually healthy breeding cats of this type.

To cat owners who have a Teacup Persian, they make adorable pets with the loving personalities. The female weighs in at 5-6 lbs and the male about 5-7 lbs making them one of the smallest cats.

Anybody thinking of buying a Teacup Persian should remember that there is no way of guaranteeing that the kitten they buy will remain small in adulthood. If it’s important that your kitten grows into a smaller adult, buyers should only use breeders where they have a track record of breeding small Persians. Do check to make sure that the kittens have been inoculated and do ask to see their parents.

Small pet breeds are becoming increasingly popular, especially the smallest cat breeds. With a little research on the internet, it should be possible to find the perfect cat to share the next fifteen years or so with.

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